What people are saying

“The Good News Chair provides teachers, parents and grandparents a way to promote and celebrate children’s accomplishments.”
Carolyn Harmon, Parent Educator, Illinois Times

“The Good News Chair is short, bright and inviting, a fun approach to a serious idea.”
Bellingham State Journal Register

Teachers see how easily the Good News Chair can influence a classroom climate and at the same time support citizenship and academic goals.

Parents and grandparents have said how the story has reminded them to be certain they set aside a time when their children can share with them what is going well.

Everyone has been attracted to the simplicity of the idea.

Martha L. Lopez, Ed.D, Emeritus, University of California, Senior Trainer – Center for the Improvement of Child Caring writes,

You are an inspiration in and out of the classroom.  Best wishes on making a difference with your book.  I’ll certainly pass it on to parenting workshop participants.