Harriet & Una 8095H

The Good News Chair at Work

A Simple Tool for Shaping a Child’s Positive Behavior and Self Image is the story of how a special chair changed the culture of an elementary school principal’s office and at the same time encouraged and recognized desirable behavior. Stories (hilarious, sad, candid, surprising…) about the children who sat in the Chair are woven into every chapter. The book
tells about the birth of the Good News Chair, what happened when children sat in the Chair, how it could work in a classroom or home setting, and ends with instructions on how to paint your own wooden Chair.

Quotes from Children about the Good News Chair

“I like going to the Good News Chair because you like listening to me read.”

Beth, age 6

“I feel happy because you’re always there when I go to the Good News Chair.”

Peter, age 7

“I like the Good News Chair because it is so special.”

Lynn, age 6